2019 Mayoral Campaign

It’s that time of year.  I am concluding my second two-year term as Rapid City Mayor and will campaign for an additional four year term. The municipal election is June 4th, 2019.

My website www.allender4mayor.com contains:

A list of notable accomplishments;Steve Allender for Mayor

A list of next-term goals;

My philosophy on leadership and service, and;

A way for you to contribute financially, or in other ways as you see fit.

I’ll need your help over the next two months. Campaigns are unpredictable and at times adversarial. I hope you will reflect not on just the things I am today bringing to your attention, but on the overall direction of Rapid City. Things are largely positive and there are signs of more progress for the future. Rapid City is not perfect, nor am I, but I’ve worked hard for you over the last four years. I am certain you haven’t agreed with 100% of everything we have done, as it is literally impossible to make everyone happy.

Rapid City has accomplished many things in the past four years. One personal accomplishment during that time I am especially proud of is this:  I owe no one political favors; and no one owes me either. One of my favorite quotes is from former U.S. Senator and South Dakota’s 9th Governor Peter Norbeck who said: “I have no political debts to pay, and no political enemies to punish.”  This is a worthy philosophy for public servants to live by.

Please support my campaign for mayor of Rapid City.  Thank you.