“A leader does not hide behind a shield of policy or bureaucracy. A leader must have the ability to point the team toward a common mission; influence others; inspire; earn the confidence of those being led. Leadership is not easy, it can be difficult and often lonely. It is something craved by people, organizations and communities, but sadly the lack of leadership is often more noticeable than the presence of it”

– Steve Allender, Mayor of Rapid City

I am Mayor Steve Allender and I hope you will allow me another term as Mayor of Rapid City.  My experience and background make me uniquely qualified for the office of mayor. Public service is my legacy and remains my top priority. Speaking of priorities, click HERE to review my 2019 priorities.

Rapid City is heading in the right direction with so many positive projects in progress. Please help us stay on this course. I can keep us on this course but I need your support to do that.

As you explore this website, feel free to interact as much as you like. Send me a question, schedule me to talk to your group, and feel free to contribute to the campaign fund.

I intend to run a positive campaign because I believe the voters should be allowed to choose the best candidate, not the lesser of evils.  Thank you for visiting my website, please recommend it to your friends!